Monday, October 27, 2014

Improve your surfing through technology

We are always seeking to improve our surfing. We studied the movements we view in other surfers and attempt to repeat or study in prints from your shore to view how we can do a small improvement when we're within the waves video.

But now this is the last, when we have learned that you've a project that's developed a system which uses a body linked to the surfer wireless inertial sensors can monitor the movement of several body parts and table. It was manufactured by two students in the University from the Basque Country, and Paul Reuben Imbers Cuenca, and possess already was able to win an award for this: the 1st prize from the Innovation Comp Surf Boards, organized from the city of San Sebastian.

In TEAM SURF PERU we like to utilise all the innovations inside surf, and then we hope that in just a while we have the opportunity "put" with such wireless sensors and out with the waves to determine what we can contribute. For now, still waiting news with this project so interesting.

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