Friday, October 17, 2014

As Rise in Surf Board

Today in your courses online surf initiation TEAM SURF PERU we create for you the first video-tutorial on "How to Stand on a surfboard", important to take our first steps into your surf. These "courses Surf", one can learn the exact positions from the start-up and ways to do it correctly. Keep in mind that studying to stand high on the surfboard may be the foundation of your surf.

The most critical is the technique surf. The movements in water should be soft, but first we need to practice about the ground. Sand is a great place to practice techniques like the setting up or rowing. These practices are designed to fix bugs also to learn to better balance.

You have experienced what may be the correct way to stand through to the table: put in the center on the table, put both your hands up to your chest, lift the buttocks pushing about the arms and within the toes, place your to the height on the fins as well as the front near to the chest as part of your arms leg.

Then you can push on and obtain up the legs, keeping the ankles and knees flexed. Stay flexed. Look ahead and put both hands to the top in the table.

Do not grab the rails with both hands, because could cause considerable braking in the table.

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